Change my email address

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What do you need to know?

The e-mail address is a personal and confidential element, so you must use a correct e-mail address and only yours.

Magework Studios contacts you by e-mail to provide you with all information relating to your account: confirmation of registration, new password, confirmation of subscription, purchase, etc.

If someone other than you has access to your email, your account security is compromised.

How do I change my email address?

Once on the management page of your account, in the section "Your username > My Account > Settings", look for the line "E-mail Address", click on "Modify".

Enter your current E-mail Address and twice the new email address and finally your account password, click on “Save” button.


I'm not receiving Magework Studios emails
Check in each of your email boxes. You may have registered your Magework Studios account with an email address you don't use often and didn't think to check it.

Also check the Junk or Spam folder. Some email providers implement automatic filters.