What is my Magework account ID?

To log in to a Magework account, you are asked to enter the following information:

  • Your account identifier (login),
  • The associated password

The account identifier is defined when creating the account (username). This is the login and not the public username.


Is it possible to change my identifier ?

It is currently impossible to change this identifier, if you wish to change it, you can always open a ticket.


Is it still possible to have the same email address on several of my accounts?

No, we do not allow the same address to be used on multiple accounts.

What is the difference between username and public username?

Your public username is different from your account identifier.

To connect to our games and our websites, you use your Magework identifier (Account name, User name) and your password, it is imperative to keep them secret.

On our websites, you are known to other players by your public username.